Comprehensive Overview of Vannamei Imports in China from January to June

Lily - Senior Analyst
Lily - Senior Analyst
27 Jul 2023
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Comprehensive Overview of Vannamei Imports in China from January to June

As the market continues to evolve, it’s crucial for exporters to remain agile and responsive to changing dynamics. Analyzing the reasons behind June’s trend can provide valuable insights for adapting marketing strategies and optimizing supply chain management to ensure sustained growth and competitiveness in the  shrimp export market to China.

June marks an intriguing shift in the trend of shrimp imports to China compared to the previous months. While there has been a decline in imports if we compare it with the previous month, June still stands out as the third-highest month for imports during this period, with a total of 3,718 FCLs. Ecuador follows this exact same trend remaining the largest exporter by far with a total of 2614 FCL. Meanwhile, India continues to follow an upward trend since February reaching a total volume 573 FCL.

Country of origin

India and Thailand emerge as the primary suppliers of shrimp to China behind Ecuador, consistently occupying the top two spots across all six months. Both countries demonstrate a substantial presence in the Chinese shrimp market, with India consistently supplying over 400 to 500 FCLs. Both India, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia have experienced an increase in their exports to China while we have seen a decline on the shrimp arriving from Peru, Thailand and the rest of exporting countries.

shrimp import to china by origin

Ecuadorian shrimp imports from January to June 2023 by province and month

A detailed analysis of the Ecuadorian shrimp imports by province sheds light on the leading role of Guangdong as the key importing region for Vannamei shrimp from Ecuador, becoming the exception to a generally downward trend in imports in the rest of the provinces if we compare them with the previous month, reaching in June a total volume of more than 700 FCL.

ecuadorian shrimp imports to china

Indian shrimp imports from January to June 2023 by province and month

The role of Guangdong and the southern provinces as key actors in the shrimp industry are especially evident if we analyze the import data from India. Guangdong and Zhejiang reinforce their upward trend and confirm their leading role accounting for a 70% of the total imports and achieving a total of 236 and 158 containers in June respectively.

indian shrimp imports to china



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