Science, technology and innovation

Within our innovation center based in the Canary Islands (Spain), we’re focused on making the shrimp market better in every way, from harvest to transportation and beyond. Several of our groundbreaking initiatives receive support from both the European Union and the Spanish government, driving our relentless pursuit of innovation. We have scientists from all over the world working on innovative projects aimed at improving the industry of shrimp worldwide.

Pioneers in transportation of frozen live shrimp

Roda Internacional stands at the forefront of innovation within the shrimp market, pioneering advanced methods in the transportation of live shrimp to ensure the highest quality product reaches its customers.

Sustainable, innovative technology

Roda’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovative practices in the aquaculture industry reflects its position as a leader in providing superior seafood solutions to a global clientele.

Freshness and quality from farm to table

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and sophisticated logistics strategies, Roda ensures that live shrimp are transported under optimal conditions, maintaining their freshness and vitality from farm to table.

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