Shrimp Harvest Calendar

Do you want to know when the best time to buy shrimp is?

It’s right after the farms have proceeded to the harvest. This happens several times a year, during the aguaje.

To make it as easy as possible for you to keep up with the shrimp market, we have created the Shrimp Harvest Calendar notification.

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Why is the harvest calendar relevant to buying shrimp?

More shrimp on the market

The harvest calendar determines when shrimp are going to become available in the market. During the aguaje, water quality improves, which accelerates shrimp growth. This leads to greater availability of shrimp at certain times of the year, which influences prices greatly.

Better shrimp quality

The aguajes can improve water quality in culture ponds, resulting in better quality shrimp in terms of taste and texture. By being aware of the timing of aguajes and the harvest calendar, you can gain access the best quality shrimp in each region, assuming a constant flow of high quality product.

Most competitive prices

Shrimp availability and quality can influence market prices. During periods when aguajes improve the quality and growth of shrimp, prices may be more competitive. Take advantage of this to obtain high quality shrimp at more affordable prices.

Optimized purchase

Take the shrimp harvest calendar into account when planning your shrimp purchases. Considering when shrimp are being harvested to order the best product in terms of quality and availability. We are here to help you optimize your purchase.