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Are you looking for an efficient shrimp distributor?

At Roda International we pride ourselves on delivering the best, highest-quality shrimp to our clients. We can guarantee the best value for money on all shrimp product from different countries: Ecuador, India, Venezuela and more.

We sell from a single pallet to full containers.

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Exceptional Quality Control

Because we know that quality is of the utmost importance for you, we have put together a cutting edge quality control process to ensure our product is up to your standards, always. Every shipment sustains a rigorous quality control, from shrimp defects to bacterial infections.

Straight from the shrimp farms

We take pride in our direct farm-to-client approach. By shipping our shrimp directly from the farms, we maintain better control over the quality and freshness of our products. This ensures that you receive the finest and most flavorful shrimp every time.

One-stop shop

By partnering with many different farms, we are able to offer every product you want, at the best possible price. You want it? We ship it. Our goal is to be a veritable one-stop shop for our clients, to facilitate your day-to-day tasks and avoid additional costs. Let us know the specifications of your product and we’ll let you know when the prices are lowest. 

Fully customisable

Enhance your brand identity with our customised packaging options. By packing with your own brand, you’ll create a unique offering that sets you apart. Enjoy the flexibility of purchasing and sourcing from multiple factories, without any limitations.

Artificial Intelligence

Experience streamlined operations with our cutting-edge technology that simplifies your back office tasks. Through machine learning and AI, we validate labels efficiently, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Once approved, our dedicated team swiftly develops your labels, saving you time and effort.

Emergency Stock

In times of urgency, we’ve got you covered. With our emergency stock, we’re ready to assist you when you need products urgently. Whether it’s due to unexpected circumstances or an overwhelming demand, trust us to fulfill your immediate requirements and support your business.

Delivery Duty Paid

Are you tired of the complexities and unexpected costs that come with international trade? Customs clearance, logistics, and taxes can be a really hard to manage. That’s why we offer a DDP shipment option for clients.


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