The Shrimp Price Puzzle: temporary fluctuation or emerging trend?

Lily - Senior Analyst
Lily - Senior Analyst
12 Dec 2023
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The Shrimp Price Puzzle: temporary fluctuation or emerging trend?

In Ecuador, the routine occurrence of ‘aguaje,’ also known as the shrimp harvest period, takes place twice a month. During the current aguaje, we’re noting an increase in shrimp prices. Understanding the factors influencing this trend requires a broader look at the global shrimp market.

China’s market in focus:

As the Chinese New Year (CNY) festival approaches, new orders are expected post-CNY sales.

European Market Trends:

Europe’s focus is currently on the festive season, with Christmas and the December holidays approaching. The European market is currently more oriented towards selling existing stock, reducing the immediate demand for new shrimp imports.

The US market outlook:

The situation in the USA is somewhat uncertain, primarily influenced by the ongoing anti-dumping trial. This legal situation has led to a cautious approach from importers, hesitant to commit to large volume of shrimp purchases until there’s more clarity.

Ecuador’s farming dynamics:

A shift in the product available from Ecuadorian farmers is observed. While previously there was a higher availability of 20 and 30 counts, current offers are leaning more towards 50 or 60 counts. It poses a question about the market’s direction: Is this a temporary adjustment or a way for farmers to clean their stock before the holiday season?

India’s shrimp market

Currently, the season has concluded, resulting in no new harvest available.

Shrimp Market Pulse

There’s been a recent rise in shrimp prices, presumably driven by the urgency to complete orders for the Chinese market. However, it remains to be seen whether this demand will continue to support increased prices or if it’s a temporary surge.

As we navigate through these varied global influences, it’s crucial for market participants to stay alert to these shifting dynamics. The shrimp market’s current state reflects a complex blend of supply-demand interactions, influenced by global events and strategic responses from producers.

Stay tuned to Vannamei Tips for ongoing analysis and insights into the shrimp trading world.


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