23 Aug 2022

VannameiTip #33

China: 520 tons of shrimp were destroyed or returned in July.

According to the news from China Customs on August 20, 2022, in July 2022, there were a total of 233 items of food that were not allowed to enter China, including 110 items of meat and aquatic products.

The listed foods that were not allowed to enter the country did not meet the national food safety standards or the requirements of relevant laws and regulations during import inspection, and have been returned or destroyed according to the law.

Among them, the total amount of shrimp products is 520 tons, most of which are vannamei PUD products, mainly from Vietnam, followed by a small amount of headless and head on vannamei shrimp products, mainly from India, Ecuador and Peru.

The reasons for the refusal to enter the country are the excessive use of the food additive phosphate and the detection of animal diseases.

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China: 520 tons of shrimp were destroyed or returned in July.

This post was written by: Lily - Senior Analyst

Lily - Senior Analyst

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