2022 import of vannamei shrimp exceeds the total amount of previous year, hitting a new record high.

Lily - Senior Analyst
Lily - Senior Analyst
23 Nov 2022
Vannamei Tip
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2022 import of vannamei shrimp exceeds the total amount of previous year, hitting a new record high.

According to the latest data of China Customs, the total import volume of vannamei shrimp from January to October this year was 645,000 tons, which has exceeded the total import volume of last year, which was 571,334 tons.

From January to October, the import value of vannamei shrimp was 4.24 billion US dollars, totaling 27.99 billion yuan. A year-on-year increase of 48%.

Ecuador is the largest supplier of vannamei shrimp products for China, accounting for 68.7% of China’s vannamei shrimp imports, followed by India, accounting for 16.6%.

Since July in the China domestic market, due to the epidemic prevention and control, the circulation of cold chain products in the market is difficult, Chinese importers have high inventories, leading to the price of Ecuador vannamei shrimp falling all the way down.

At present, there is a large stock of vannamei shrimp in China’s domestic market, and the sales of goods are slow. Similarly, the trend of end user consumption is not obvious. At this stage, many importers are selling at low prices due to lack of confidence in the domestic market. However, there are also well-financed importers who replenish products at low prices to smooth out the losses caused by previous high prices.

The number of Ecuador’s exports to China may fall in the next two months. The high inventory, the blocked circulation market, and the sluggish catering consumption will directly affect the domestic vannamei shrimp merchants in China. Perhaps this year will be a year of industry reshuffle.


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