HOSO 80/100 2kg BOX

HOSO 80/100 2kg BOX

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Vannamei shrimp

HOSO 80/100 2kg BOX

Premium Venezuela’s Vannamei 80/100 Shrimp in 2kg Box

A Culinary Journey with Venezuelan Shrimp: Step into the world of gourmet seafood with our Premium Vannamei 80/100 Shrimp. Carefully harvested from Venezuela’s bountiful waters, each 2kg box is packed with whole frozen shrimp of size 80/100, ensuring a premium experience with every dish.

Unmatched Quality and Flavor: These meticulously selected Vannamei shrimp, size 80/100, are celebrated for their exquisite taste and texture. The preservation of their head and shell enhances the depth of flavor, offering a truly indulgent seafood experience.

Eco-Conscious and Flavorful: Embrace the richness of Venezuelan seafood with our sustainably sourced Vannamei shrimp. Their cultivation in eco-friendly environments reflects our commitment to the planet and provides a taste of the ocean’s purity.

Freshness Locked In: We ensure that the natural flavors and freshness of the shrimp are perfectly retained through our state-of-the-art freezing process. Each shrimp in our 2kg box is a testament to our dedication to quality and freshness.

For the Discerning Palate: Ideal for a variety of culinary creations, from elegant appetizers to hearty mains, our Vannamei 80/100 shrimp adapt beautifully to any recipe. They are a perfect choice for those seeking to add a touch of luxury to their meals.

Designed for Your Convenience: Our 2kg box packaging is designed with your culinary adventures in mind. It is perfect for both home chefs and professional kitchens, offering ease of use and the right quantity for any occasion.

Venezuela’s Oceanic Bounty: Each box of our Vannamei 80/100 shrimp not only brings you a high-quality seafood product but also connects you to the vibrant and diverse marine life of Venezuela. Enjoy the essence of the Caribbean with every bite.

Delight in the exceptional quality and exquisite flavors of Venezuelan Vannamei shrimp, a luxurious addition to any culinary repertoire.


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