HOSO BOX 1-2kg

HOSO BOX 1-2kg

Vannamei shrimp
2kg x 10, 2kg x 6, 1kg x 10
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HOSO BOX 1-2kg Premium HOSO Aquaculture Shrimp in 1-2kg Boxes


HOSO (Head On, Shell On)

Whole frozen shrimp with the head and shell intact in a 1 or 2kg box

Our natural and unaltered whole frozen shrimp maintains its freshness, flavor, and appealing appearance throughout.

Key Features:

  • Convenient Size and Weight: Each box contains 1-2 kg of shrimp, making them ideal for various culinary preparations.
  • Unparalleled Freshness: Our HOSO shrimp are frozen in a way that preserves their original freshness and flavor.
  • Versatility in the Kitchen: They can be prepared in multiple ways, from grilled dishes to exquisite gourmet preparations.
  • Attractive Presentation: The head and shell add an appealing aesthetic touch to your dishes.
  • Controlled Origin: They come from our aquaculture facilities in Ecuador, renowned for their adherence to rigorous quality and sustainability standards.
  • Vannamei Species: These shrimp belong to the Vannamei species, known for their delicate and sweet flavor, making them a favorite among chefs and seafood enthusiasts.

Discover the difference of our Premium HOSO shrimp in 1-2kg boxes from Ecuador and elevate your culinary creations to the next level!


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