It´s time to sell to China. In times of crisis, China rises like a big opportunity for the seafood industry.

China has surpassed the COVID-19 pandemic with little impact on its economy, assuring a strong and dynamic demand for the global seafood industry.

It´s time to act fast and diligent in order to get healthy new revenues, diversify risk and build a more sustainable future. Let us accompany you in this endeavor.

Roda International has been selling fish to China for the last 12 years. We have developed a large, diverse and loyal portfolio of Chinese clients and a strong industry network that provides us with the information and the support we need to succeed.

We have offices in China, and a local and international team to offer our clients a truly global experience.

It´s easy to work with us, our experience helped us to streamline the processes looking for simplicity and efficiency.

You basically plug in a 36-year selling company grounded in China, giving you instant access to our selling network and reducing drastically your time-to-market.

Recently, we decided to offer insider information on the Chinese market through a new open service called ChinaTips.

A team of business analysts is dedicated 24 hours a day to monitor relevant information and to present it with the maximum clarity, in short, insightful and easy-to-understand tips.

We have been leading Fishtech innovation globally and specifically in China through the Fishtech Awards at Qingdao CFSE.

We have been in China for the last 36 years and we will remain.

Follow us on ChinaTips and stay up to date with the most insightful and real-time information related to the Chinese market:

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