14 Dec 2020

ChinaTip #0544

Zhengzhou Market gets closed because of COVID-19.

The largest aquatic product market in the central and western regions of China is fully closed because of COVID-19 virus detection.

On December 11, the Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic Products market in Zhengzhou, Henan Province was closed as one batch of imported Indian ribbonfish sold from this market to Shanxi province has been tested positive for the COVID-19. At present, the Huiji District, where the market is located, has temporarily closed all cold storages in the district, and the time for unblocking is uncertain.

Zhongyuan Four Seasons Aquatic Products market is the largest cold chain wholesale trading market for seafood, livestock, poultry products and quick-frozen food in the central and western regions of China, with a cold storage capacity of 250,000 tons, more than 1,500 merchants, and an annual transaction volume of more than 350 Million tons.

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Tags: cold chain products, covid-19, Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou Market gets closed because of COVID-19.

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Lily - Senior Analyst

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