28 Dec 2021

ChinaTip #0683

The price of Indian vannamei rose again in week 51 to a new annual high.

According to the latest data, the farm price of vannamei in Andhra Pradesh, India’s largest agricultural state, rose again to a new annual high in week 51.

This week, the raw material price of the large vannamei size in Andhra Pradesh increased by 15 Indian rupees/kg. Therefore, in the second last week of the year, the average price of size 30 is INR 575/kg; size 40 shrimps are INR 475/kg; size 60 shrimps are INR 365/kg; and the price of size 80 is INR 300 /Kg, the price of the smallest size, 100, is 250 INR/kg. However, currency depreciation has reduced some recent gains.

Since the end of August, in India, the price of large size shrimp has been rising steadily. The price of size 30 shrimp: 575 rupees/kg marks the highest price this year. It is now 85 Indian rupees/kg higher than the same week in 2020, the highest record since February 2016.

Comparing the average price of size 60 shrimps in week 51 with other original country, it is clear that the gap with Ecuadorian shrimp is widening, and the average price in India is now only lagging behind the record prices of Thailand and China.

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The price of Indian vannamei rose again in week 51 to a new annual high.

This post was written by: Lily - Senior Analyst

Lily - Senior Analyst

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