24 Nov 2021

ChinaTip #0670

The price of Ecuadorian vannamei shrimp shows no signs of recovery in week 47.

The latest data show that the farm prices of all sizes of head on shell on (HOSO) Ecuadorian vannamei shrimp continued to remain low in week 47.

In this week (November 22-28), the average farm price of HOSO Ecuadorian shrimp continues to be 20/30 6.10 USD/kg; 30/40 4.50 USD/kg; 40/50 4.20 USD/kg; 50/60 4.00 USD/kg; 60/70 3.90 USD/kg; 70/80 3.40 USD/kg; 80/100 3.10 USD/kg; 100/120 2.80 USD/kg; 120/140 2.30 USD/kg.

Insiders find two reasons:
One is the decrease in purchases in the two main markets, and the other is the decrease in the production.
China and the United States already have sufficient shrimp stocks for the coming months. According to several industry sources, both markets have stopped buying more products.
The production of shrimp in Ecuador has declined due to the shortage of packaging materials, and the shortage of shipping space.
Many processing plants are forced to lower their prices or sell their products to the local market.

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Categories: Shrimp

Tags: ecuador, imported shrimp, prices, vannamei

The price of Ecuadorian vannamei shrimp shows no signs of recovery in week 47.

This post was written by: Lily - Senior Analyst

Lily - Senior Analyst

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