31 Dec 2020

ChinaTip #0552

The “Henan Province Cold Chain Food Traceability System” has been put into operation.

The Henan Government issued the “Notice on the Traceability System of Cold Chain Food in Henan Province” on December 30, requiring consumers who purchase imported cold chain food to register with their real names.

The “Henan Province Cold Chain Food Traceability System” realizes the full traceability management of imported cold chain food such as frozen meat and aquatic products in Henan Province. Food producers and operators can use computers to access the “Yu Leng Lian” enterprise terminal, or use the “Yu Leng Lian” applet by WeChat and Alipay, to upload and manage the traceability information of imported cold chain food.

According to the notice, when food producers and operators sell imported cold chain foods to consumers, they should affix the “Yu Leng Lian” traceability code on the outer package of food or in a prominent position. Consumers purchasing these products should use Alipay or WeChat to scan the code to check whether the product information is consistent with the traceability code information. When consumers cannot use WeChat to scan the code to purchase, food producers and operators should register their real names (name, address, phone number) and upload the registration information to the “Yu Leng Lian” APP.

Henan province also will require starting from January 6, 2021, that imported cold chain foods without customs inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test certificate, preventive disinfection certificate, and “Yu Leng Lian” traceability code not to be sold.

This news also reflects that all parts of China still implement very strict policies on imported frozen products.

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The “Henan Province Cold Chain Food Traceability System” has been put into operation.

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Lily - Senior Analyst

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