22 Mar 2022

ChinaTip #0714

The epidemic prevention policy is for imported cold chain and non-cold chain products.

A few days ago, at the Shandong Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference, the Shandong Provincial Government proposed for the first time the epidemic prevention policy for imported non-cold chain goods:

The first issue is to establish a resting period system for imported goods of enterprises. Enterprises receiving imported non-cold-chain containerized goods must stand for 10 days after opening container before they can be put it into use. Those who do not comply with the requirements shall be investigated and punished according to law; those that cause the spread of the epidemic shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Second, imported non-cold-chain containerized goods also need to be disinfected and sampled for nucleic acid testing. If the goods are sterilized at the destination, and the goods are continuously imported in the same way from the same country, each enterprise shall select one container to do disinfection every 3 days; in other cases, sampling testing shall be organized for each batch of goods. Taking the quantity of individually packaged good in the container as the sampling base, sampling is carried out at a rate of 1%, and if there are less than 100 pieces, it will be calculated as 100 pieces.

For non-cold-chain containerized goods imported from high-risk countries, on the basis of preventive disinfection, sampling nucleic acid tests shall be carried out, and no external sales shall be allowed without results.

Although this policy comes from Shandong Province and is not a requirement of the whole of China, from this policy point of view, China’s current epidemic prevention policy for imported goods is still very strict, so foreign processing enterprises still need to pay attention to disinfection.

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The epidemic prevention policy is for imported cold chain and non-cold chain products.

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