02 Dec 2020

ChinaTip #0540

The Chinese government officially declared that imported cold chain foods can be purchased and consumed normally.

On December 1st, the press conference of the 180th pandemic prevention and control work of Beijing was held. Li Fengqin, director of the Microbiology Laboratory of the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center, declared that China’s measures to prevent human and goods from COVID-19 contamination are very effective. The risk of infection through purchase is very low. Imported cold chain food can be purchased and consumed normally.

Li Fengqin said that recently, COVID-19 has been detected in imported cold chain food and packages in many places in China. And in some places, some confirmed cases related were detected, which has aroused people’s attention to cold chain food.

The Chinese government has recently issued technical guidelines for the prevention and control of imported cold-chain foods and preventive comprehensive disinfection work plans. The issuance and implementation of these documents have played a very important role in reducing the risk of imported frozen food.

She said that as China increased its testing efforts, it was found through random inspections and monitoring that the positive rate was relatively low, about 0.48 per 10,000, and it was mainly concentrated on the outer package. The timely detection and disposal of food contaminated by COVID-19 can effectively prevent these foods from entering the market, reducing the risk of infection. Therefore, if consumers buy cold chain foods, they must take personal protection to avoid direct contact with them with their hands, and after touching fresh foods, do not touch their eyes, nose and mouth with their hands, and use soap or hand sanitizer to wash hands under moving water after shopping.  “Do the above, and the risk of catching COVID-19 through shopping contact is very low.”

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The Chinese government officially declared that imported cold chain foods can be purchased and consumed normally.

This post was written by: Lily - Senior Analyst

Lily - Senior Analyst

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