20 Oct 2020

ChinaTip #0517

Shenzhen’s centralized supervision warehouse for frozen products is running for 2 months.

Since August 18th, Shenzhen has taken the leadership in setting up a centralized supervision warehouse for imported frozen products in China, to conduct centralized disinfection and nucleic acid testing on imported frozen meat and aquatic products, and to achieve full traceability of products.

Shenzhen warehouse implemented full inspection of each batch of imported frozen products, complete disinfection of each item, and full traceability of the product.

As the products enter the warehouse, the staff carries out disinfection, sampling and testing as soon as possible. The samples’ collection is followed by disinfection of the outer package and the products. After this process, the products are sealed and disinfected second time.

The collected samples are delivered to the laboratory within 1 hour, and the results are available in about 2 hours. The report with testing results is reviewed in the system. Once the report gets approved, the warehouse’s certificate is issued as soon as possible and companies can pick up the goods and leave the warehouse.

Shenzhen’s centralized supervision warehouse is working 24 hours a day, offering non-stop service.

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Tags: covid-19, disinfection, Shenzhen, traceability


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Lily - Senior Analyst

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