25 Mar 2022

ChinaTip #0715

Several wholesale markets in Shanghai and Tianjin have suspended retail business.

On March 22, Shanghai Jiangyang Aquatic Products Wholesale markets, Xiao Jiangyang and Da Jiangyang, issued a notice saying: From March 22, 2022, the retail business will be suspended. Only wholesale business and distribution business remain.

Since the stop of the retail business, the purchaser’s pass entry system has been implemented. The fixed personnel in the venue will receive special passes after verifying their information; temporary personnel will receive valid passes on the same day. Retail resumption will wait until further notice.

In addition, the business hours of Da Jiangyang Wholesale Market are limited from 1:00 pm on the same day to 11:00 am on the next day. During the market closure, trading is suspended, and neither people nor vehicles are allowed to enter.

Both Aquatic Products Wholesale markets constitute the main distribution center of fresh seafood in East China andare the largest aquatic products wholesale market in Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province and Shanghai. They are also a well-known high-end aquatic product wholesale market nationwide, supplying more than 50% of Shanghai’s aquatic products and 80-90% of high-end seafood.

This adjustment is mainly due to the consideration of epidemic prevention and control. Now the market is identifying market-related practitioners so that they can also receive market access passes.

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Several wholesale markets in Shanghai and Tianjin have suspended retail business.

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Lily - Senior Analyst

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