23 Oct 2020

ChinaTip #0523

Russian seafood companies plan to export rare seafood to China.

The member companies of the Russian Primorye Fisheries Association intend to expand the list of aquatic biological resources exported to China. The ten new species intended for export to China include Atlantic flounder, Pacific mackerel, and peony shrimp. The Russian Animal and Plant Health Supervision Bureau needs to obtain permission from the Chinese General Administration of Customs.

It is estimated that the potential export volume of seafood to be added is about 20,000 tons and the annual export value can reach 120 million US dollars. According to statistics of the Russian association, China accounts for 61% of Russia’s exports of aquatic biological resources. By the end of 2019, the export volume had reached 1.09 million tons, with an export value of US$3.27 billion. At present, Russia exports to China a variety of crabs and pollock.

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Tags: Atlantic flounder, Pacific mackerel, peony shrimp, russia, Russian Primorye Fisheries Association


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Lily - Senior Analyst

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