11 Sep 2020

ChinaTip #0483

In 2020, the online sales of aquatic products in China increased, while the offline sales suffered setbacks.

The pandemic triggered the raise of online sales of seafood. Both online retail and restaurant delivery may benefit in the long term. During the period of the pandemic, many people experienced the convenience of buying aquatic products online and restaurant delivery. Even if the pandemic situation in China improved, people’s online buying habits have been maintained.

Affected by the several incidents of COVID-19 infestation of the frozen products, consumer confidence has declined. However, aquatic products are the first choice for high-quality protein, the damage of confidence is considered only a temporary issue.

In order to meet the new needs of consumers, companies must quickly transform product formats, innovate products, and cooperate with online e-commerce to meet family cooking needs, and deliver aquatic products directly to consumers. At the same time, it is necessary to establish a traceable sales system as soon as possible, so that consumers can buy and eat with confidence.

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Tags: consumer confidence, convenience, covid-19, online sales


This post was written by: Lily - Senior Analyst

Lily - Senior Analyst

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