04 Mar 2022

ChinaTip #0704

Imported vannamei shrimp and octopus samples tested positive for covid.

Since one product sample of one batch of frozen vannamei shrimp imported from India and one outer packaging of a sample of one batch of frozen octopus were found to be positive for covid, according to the General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 103 of 2020, China national customs will suspend the acceptance of product import declarations from Indian aquatic product manufacturers M/s. Jayalakshmi Seafoods Pvt. Ltd. (registration number 924) and M/s. Rich Marine Export (registration number 1206) for one week from now on.

India is the second largest supplier of imported shrimp to China, which is generally imported in the form of processing raw materials by processing plants in southern China, especially in Zhanjiang.

Recently, there have been continuous problems with shrimp products exported from India to China:
The first problem is covid positivity, and the second problem is the “furazolidone metabolite” – this substance is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. As early as 2002, the Ministry of Agriculture of China has clearly stipulated that furan drugs are prohibited by the Ministry of Agriculture for all food animals, and shall not be detected in animal food.
Here is a reminder that factories should pay attention to such risks.

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Imported vannamei shrimp and octopus samples tested positive for covid.

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Lily - Senior Analyst

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