27 Oct 2020

ChinaTip #0528

Imported frozen meat and aquatic products without traceability data will not be sold!

Beijing is the first to announce the launch of an imported cold chain food traceability platform in November!

The “Beijing Cold Chain” traceability platform will be launched on November 1st!  All Beijing frozen products operators must register!

The notice requires that the producers and operators of imported cold chain food in Beijing shall complete the registration in the “Beijing Cold Chain” app, and use this app to upload sources and traceability data of imported refrigerated and frozen meat and aquatic products.

At that time, consumers could use the “Beijing Cold Chain” applet in WeChat and Alipay to scan the electronic traceability code on the product package or sales freezer, and they could easily check the origin information of imported frozen meat and aquatic products.

Products without traceability data will not be allowed to be purchased, sold and used by merchants in Beijing!

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Tags: covid-19, beijing, traceability data, app


This post was written by: Lily - Senior Analyst

Lily - Senior Analyst

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