13 Dec 2021

ChinaTip #0676

Ecuador’s vannamei shrimp quotations rebound and rise.

This week, we received the latest offer from Ecuadorian shrimp manufacturer:

30/40 $6.2

40/50 $5.8

50/60 $5.5

60/70 $5.3 (Price of Semi IQF is for reference only).

Compared with last week, all sizes of shrimps have risen by 0.2$/kg, and 30/40 has held the 6$ mark without falling. What was abnormal this week was that the price of Semi IQF exceeded that of Brine frozen shrimp for the first time, with the same size being 0.1~0.2$/kg higher than that of Brine frozen shrimp.

According to foreign manufacturers, the quotation stopped falling this time mainly because of the rising cost of global shipping and local packaging materials. In the local area, the carton and plastic bags used in the production of shrimp have been rising in price for nearly three months, and there will be shortages and insufficient supplies.

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Categories: Shrimp

Tags: ecuador, Ecuadorian shrimp, prices, vannamei

Ecuador’s vannamei shrimp quotations rebound and rise.

This post was written by: Lily - Senior Analyst

Lily - Senior Analyst

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