18 Mar 2022

ChinaTip #0713

Chinese white shrimp importers complain of difficult business.

This week compared to last week, frozen shrimps of Ecuadorian factories are slashing prices, with the 30/40 size down $0.3. However, the quotations of some big brand factories are still high, and the price difference between factories is gradually widening.

This may be a sign of imbalance between supply and demand. Especially the high prices in the European and American markets have stimulated enthusiasm for the production of the factories. However, due to the global shipping lockdown because of the epidemic, most of the products are still in the sea. Many people don’t realize this, they are still producing wildly and the inventory is increasing.

Foreign factories have greatly reduced prices, and Chinese importers may have a harder time. This week, we asked dozens of Chinese importers or distributors of vannamei shrimp, and they all complained that it is difficult to do business, and the “epidemic + off-season” make situation even more difficult.

Affected by the epidemic, many provinces and cities in China are unable to deliver goods normally. The sales advertisements advice to consult that the delivery is done in the destination before placing an order.

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Tags: epidemic, frozen shrimp, lockdown, shrimp, vannamei

Chinese white shrimp importers complain of difficult business.

This post was written by: Lily - Senior Analyst

Lily - Senior Analyst

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