30 Nov 2020

ChinaTip #0539

China Central Customs Office gives new instructions to the local branches to rationalize safety protocols.

Today the Central Customs Office delivered new instructions to the local branches with a more rational and surgical approach to covid-19 infestation detection.

This new approach aims at maintaining high safety standards for the population and at the same time protecting the imported and local seafood industry, which has been strongly hit by the pandemic.

The main instruction is related to current practice of closing the province in the case of covid-19 infestation detection. The new direction points out to a more rational and surgical protocol: isolate the detected box or batch, analyze the problem and its dimension and define a path of actions to solve the problem, while keeping the flow of imported frozen food open.

The Central Customs Office reminds that while there are still some uncertainties about the pandemic, it is scientifically confirmed that the virus in the food is dead after the food itself has been cooked. This should bring some sense of calm and safety and keep the frozen food consumption, which is an important part of the Chinese consumer diet.

At the same time, the Central Customs Office emphasizes the need of working on the improvement of the logistics of the supply chain and to increase the safety standards to minimize any risk.

Aligned with the Central Customs Office new directive, the Tianjin government, together with the Tianjin Customs, Tianjin Port and Tianjin Virus Control Office, declared that a new and more simple protocol is put in place. This new protocol implies that one check and one disinfection throughout the process is enough, avoiding repeated checks and disinfections as before; once the cargo gets the valid certification, it can flow through the process without additional interventions.

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China Central Customs Office gives new instructions to the local branches to rationalize safety protocols.

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Lily - Senior Analyst

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