Distributing vannamei shrimp globally since 1984.

Roda International is one of the most relevant players in the global shrimp market.

Roda has been at the forefront of shrimp distribution unifying a global presence and a trusted network with the most innovative application of technology.

Roda focuses on being a trusted advisor to our clients and on offering them the best customer experience.


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1. Satisfaction 100% guarantee.

In Ecuador Roda employs a team of professionals to assure that the quality of the product you purchased meets your specifications and requirements.
100% transparency: you can check the quality of the cargo before the container is loaded. Anything that does not meet your specifications is fixed immediately. You benefit from a 100% risk free purchase. You get consistent high quality every time you buy.


You buy at the price of Ecuador but you get a European quality service. We have unique agreements with farmers and we manage our portfolio of factories to maximize the value for you. You may get a mixed container – with products from different factories; and you won´t notice it. We focus on fast shipment to reduce the price change effect: processing in one or multiple factories and monitoring order progress daily.


You will benefit from our client portal:

• Online order status to follow the daily progress of your production.
• Daily inspection report with images and details of the defects found in each lot.
• Loading Report the same day the container is loaded and ready to be shipped.
• At any time after departure, you will see the location of the container including cases of delay, if any.

We have a unique technology that enables us to reduce the work of your back office: we validate the labels with machine learning and AI technology. Once you approve the labels, we have a designated team that develops them.

Cleared cargo – we can sell cleared containers in Europe, the cargo can be delivered to your cold room or to the port.

Emergency stock in Barcelona. You can take any quantity from our emergency stock and return it when you receive your container. You avoid the risk of price changes and guarantee your client a continuous offer with constant quality.


We can pack with your brand so you have a unique offering. Having your brand will enable you purchase flexibility and not be restricted to any single factory.


Become a qualified client and take advantage of our instant credit from 90 to 120 days and improve your cash-flow.


The shrimp market is global and purchases from one market affect the price of another. When there is a shortage of shrimp in India, the price in Ecuador increases. Roda buys and sells shrimp in the 3 main markets: Ecuador, India, China. Due to this special access, we know the market situation very quickly and can give our clients good advice about taking a position.

We will inform you about vannamei pricing opportunities through our WhatsAppVannameiTIPS service. Take advantage of the probably best price advice service in the world.

Are you in the Vannamei Business?

We are always looking for new partners. If you are looking for or selling products, please contact us!


Roda International is one of the strongest players in the global market of shrimp. In addition, we are farmers, packers, wholesalers, importers, exporters and distributors of frozen fish and seafood. Our experience covers most of the value chain of the seafood industry.

Roda International maintains offices in some of the finest fishing regions in the world, including Chile, China, Ecuador, India, Mauritania, and Spain.

Farmers and processing companies are business partners of Roda International and they all benefit from strong relationships based on trust and a common history. Roda International is one of the most important clients of Ecuadorian farmers and has wide and deep knowledge of farmers and factories in other geographies like India, China, Vietnam and Thailand.

Roda International has established solid alliances with market institutions such as the National Aquaculture Association of Ecuador, the world’s largest shrimp producing country, and similar institutions in all relevant producing countries.

Roda International has a proven track record of successfully bringing innovative technology to the market: it is the official distributor in India for the world’s leading provider of harvesting automation services. Roda International has also introduced Shrimp Live Transportation from Central America to India. Roda has been leading the fish-tech category brilliantly, earning its legitimacy by creating the Fish-tech awards and working on its own digital transformation since the early days.

Roda International has also been providing industry players with seafood market news, information and analysis with a special focus on the shrimp category and international trade with China.

Roda International has a strong brand equity and reputation.


global mindset

We believe in globalization and we push its benefits in the seafood industry so more people enjoy accessible and qualitative seafood on their plates wherever they are.

the power OF THE NETWORK

We believe in the value of a collaborative network aiming for enriching relationships and win-win opportunities. We believe in being an active and generous participant.


We believe in long term relationships based on trust. We believe in credibility, reliability, intimacy and low self-orientation.


We believe in the disruptive power of innovation in business and in the fishery industry. We are committed to be an engine of innovation.

China Distribution

It´s time to sell to China. In times of crisis, China rises like a big opportunity for the seafood industry.

Roda International has been selling fish to China for the last 12 years. We have developed a large, diverse and loyal portfolio of Chinese clients and a strong industry network that provides us with the information and the support we need to succeed. We have offices in China, and a local and international team to offer our clients a truly global experience. It´s easy to work with us, our experience helped us to streamline the processes looking for simplicity and efficiency.

You basically plug in a 40-year selling company grounded in China, giving you instant access to our selling network and reducing drastically your time-to-market. Recently, we decided to offer insider information on the Chinese market through a new open service called ChinaTips.

A team of business analysts is dedicated 24 hours a day to monitor relevant information and to present it with the maximum clarity, in short, insightful and easy-to-understand tips.

We have been leading Fishtech innovation globally and specifically in China through the Fishtech Awards at Qingdao CFSE.

We have been in China for the last 36 years and we will remain.

our products

We work with a wide range of products from all over the world, and we are constantly searching for new products to introduce in our markets and provide our customers. Outside of Spain we only sell Vannamei Shrimp.

Recent Projects