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Vannamei Tips - 您的虾市场洞察

在充满活力的虾贸易世界中保持领先的信息来源。 🦐

Vannamei Tips 是您及时获得有价值洞察的首选来源,涵盖不断演变的 虾市场。我们的使命是为像您一样的 虾业专业人士 提供您需要做出明智决策的知识和数据。

📈 市场洞察: 定期获取有关虾市场趋势、价格波动和供应链动态的更新。保持领先并最大化您的交易机会。

📊 数据驱动分析: 受益于基于数据和行业专业知识支持的深度分析。了解塑造虾市场的因素以及它们如何影响您的业务。

🌐 全球视角: 不仅深入了解本地市场,还关注国际趋势和发展。扩展您的交易视野,探索全球新机会。

🔔 实时通知: 通过电子邮件和短信及时了解市场变化的提醒。确保您不会错过重要的交易机会。




欢迎来到Vannamei Tips,这是您在白对虾行业取得更大成功的门户。🦐

Imagine you can get insider information regarding the global vannameimarket from one of the most relevant players in the global shrimp market.

That´s VannameiTips: Roda International´s new service that offers valuable insider information to optimize your vannamei purchases.

Roda has been at the forefront of shrimp distribution since 1984, combining a global presence and a trusted network with the most innovative application of technology.

The shrimp market is global and purchases from one market affect the price of another. When there is a shortage of shrimp in India, the price in Ecuador increases. Roda buys and sells shrimp in the 3 main markets: Ecuador, India, China. Due to this special access, we know the market situation instantly and we can give our clients the best advice on when to take a position.

We offer you insightful and real-time information. A team of expert vannamei brokers and international business analysts is dedicated 24 hours a day to monitor the information relevant to your purchases and present it to you with maximum clarity, so you can act immediately or connect information to identify the right opportunity.

Additionally, we will inform you about vannamei pricing opportunities with our WhatsAppVannameiTIPS service. Take advantage of the, probably, best price advice service in the world. If you would like to further discuss any tips, any trading opportunities, or simply find out what we are doing with this insider information, please contact us.