24 4 月 2020

ChinaTip #0185

New Zealand resumes Lobster Exports to China

Lobster exports to china stagnated in January, fishing lobsters could not be sold, and fishermen had to put them back into the sea. This affected New Zealand’s $320 million worth of industry.

Fiordland Lobster Company, based in Tianau, reopened this week and is expected to arrive in Shanghai this weekend, exporting about 40% of New Zealand Lobster to China.

China is buying and prices are going up. They use cargo flights to export Lobster to China, planes fly from Auckland to Shanghai.

China demands lobster now, but it is difficult to predict the rest of the year. Neil McAra, head of the Southern Chamber of Commerce, has commented that “the resumption of live lobster exports has given hope to other industries in China that wanted to import more products”.

类别: Shellfish

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This post was written by: Cheng - Senior Business Analyst

Cheng - Senior Business Analyst

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