Total import of shrimp in China exceeds 20 billion yuan.

Lily - Senior Analyst
Lily - Senior Analyst
18 Oct 2022
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Total import of shrimp in China exceeds 20 billion yuan.

In August, the import of warm water shrimp (mainly vannamei shrimp) in China reached 95,000 tons, accounting for 23.17% of edible aquatic products. From January to August, the total import of warm water shrimp reached 523,900 tons, accounting for 18.85% of the edible aquatic products.

In terms of imports, from January to August, China’s shrimp imports totaled 22.313 billion RMB, accounting for 28.72% of the total imports of edible aquatic products. This also shows that compared with other aquatic products, the unit price of shrimp products is at a higher level.

At present, how about the production and prices of shrimp farming countries?


In 2022, Ecuador’s shrimp output will reach about 1.35 million tons, and by 2023, the output will exceed 1.5 million tons.
In the first eight months of this year, the cumulative arrival of Ecuador vannamei shrimp in China reached 340,000 tons, accounting for about 65% of the imported warm water shrimp. The arrival volume in August was 57,000 tons, accounting for 60%. Although the shrimp arrival in August was slightly lower than that in July, it still stood at a high level compared with the monthly import data in recent years.

Recent price changes of Ecuador vannamei shrimp:
Last week, the prices of various sizes, including HOSO and HLSO, began to fall. In the 41st week (October 10-16), the weekly decline of the raw materials of medium and large size HOSO vannamei shrimp was $0.10/kg – $0.20/kg, and the small size was stable.


The latest trade data of Indian shrimp industry shows that the export volume of Indian frozen shrimp declined year on year, one of the reasons is that the sales of Indian shrimp products to the United States fell.
Recent changes in Indian shrimp prices:
In Andhra Pradesh, the price of size 30-40 heads decreased slightly, while the price of size 60 and size 100 heads rose.

Andhra Pradesh is experiencing continuous rainfall, which may affect stocks in the next few days.
In farmed area Orissa, prices of various sizes remained stable compared with last week.


After the National Day holiday in China, although stocks in many production areas have begun to decrease, shrimp prices are still in a downward trend with the decline of consumption.
Compared with the prices before the National day holiday, shrimp prices dropped by as much as 2-3 rmb/kg.


From March to May this year, Vietnam’s shrimp export to China recorded a high growth of 126%-140%, but from June to August, it only increased by 13%-32%. Especially in July, the export volume fell by 17% year on year. As of September 15, 2022, Vietnam’s shrimp export to China has increased by 56%, reaching 438 million US dollars.

At present, due to China’s restrictive policies to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, increased transport costs and the devaluation of the RMB, China’s shrimp importers are facing many difficulties.
It is expected that Vietnam’s shrimp exports to China will keep rising in the last few months of this year, but the growth rate will slow down.

Recent changes in shrimp prices in Vietnam: the price of large and small shrimp increased, while that of medium size decreased.


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