The high prices of Ecuadorian shrimps will continue.

Lily - Senior Analyst
Lily - Senior Analyst
22 Jul 2022
Vannamei Tip
# 23
The high prices of Ecuadorian shrimps will continue.

This week, the price of Ecuadorian vananmei shrimp raw material is still rising, basically rising by 0.05 US dollars every few days. A shrimp supplier said that due to the previous low price and little profit margin, some farmers decided not to farm, resulting in the current situation where there are few shrimp raw materials and the price has soared. The situation of high-priced shrimp may continue for a while, and the price will not be lowered until the production of shrimp raw materials gradually recovers.

It is precisely because there are few shrimp raw materials on the market that factories still do not actively offer quotations. They generally ask clients what prices they have before considering whether to accept orders. As for the old orders that were made before, the Ecuadorian shrimp supplier said that they are difficult to complete, and it is hard to buy the required size at present.

On the China market side, the 50/60 size headed shrimps are more in demand this week, and the more popular package is brine-frozen 12kg.

Compared with the Ecuadorian vannamei shrimp, which has risen in price, the Indian headless shrimp has a slow price decline. During the period when the raw materials of Ecuadorian shrimp were in short supply, Indian shrimp was more cost-effective and the supply was more stable, which also attracted the attention of many China importers.


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