09 Mar 2023

VannameiTip #79

Shrimp Market Trends in Ecuador and India Amidst Harvest Season and Tariff Changes

  • Ecuador:

Currently, Ecuador is in the midst of its harvest cycle. However, there has been a slight decrease in prices for larger shrimp sizes (20/30, 30/40, and 40/50) due to reduced demand from China.

Chinese customers perceive the prices to be relatively high compared to their own market selling price, resulting in fewer purchases.

Despite this trend, prices for small sizes have remained stable due to limited availability.

It should be noted that Tip #76 is still applicable and the rope game is still on. 

With the upcoming Boston Seafood Show, there may be changes in shrimp supply and demand, which could lead to price fluctuations in either direction or no change.

  • India:

As per reports, the US has raised some anti-dumping tariffs. However, after speaking with our sources in India, it is believed that this change will not have a substantial effect.

Nonetheless, the prices of raw materials in India are continuing to increase, which is common during the off-peak season. It is expected that prices will revert to regular levels in April, coinciding with the start of the first crop.

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Shrimp Market Trends in Ecuador and India Amidst Harvest Season and Tariff Changes

This post was written by: Lily - Senior Analyst

Lily - Senior Analyst

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