15 Sep 2022

VannameiTip #40

Roda International at the Global Shrimp Forum.

Pablo Resnik, VP Business Development at Roda International participated in the first edition of the Global Shrimp Forum, a fully dedicated high executive meeting place for the warm water shrimp Industry, which took place in Utrecht the Netherlands, 6-8 September.

The Global Shrimp Forum gathered 500 high level executives representing farmers, feed companies, technology suppliers, service providers, processors, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers, civil society and other industry stakeholders to discuss the most pressing issues their businesses are confronted with and to develop a vision on the long-term strategy.

Pablo Resnik was invited to deliver a conference on the challenges of supplying shrimp to the Chinese market during COVID-19 and participated in the panel discussion, “Producer perspectives” lead by Guss Pastor.

Pablo Resnik focused on the basics to export to China successfully: find the correct partners, define your competitive advantage, build your brand and work for the long term. He finished his presentation by dismantling some of the false myths about the China shrimp market.

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Roda International at the Global Shrimp Forum.

This post was written by: Lily - Senior Analyst

Lily - Senior Analyst

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