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Quality Cooked, HOSO, HLSO, Frozen alive or PD? Looking for high quality shrimps and don’t know where to start? Try our origin configurator and discover the best producing country for your needs, guaranteeing freshness and quality with every purchase.


With monthly updates based on market research and trends, get insider information to make informed and strategic purchasing decisions.

Our system identifies the optimal source of shrimps, considering factors such as format, size and cost, guaranteeing the highest quality.


We are here to provide you with the best purchasing information according to your needs, quickly and safely. If you have any doubts about how our shrimp origin configurator works, read the following section, you will find a summary of the most common doubts;

No, access to the Vannamei shrimps origin configurator is completely free of charge. Our intention is to help you make the best purchasing decisions.

Fill in the form, explain your needs and our configurator will generate the information instantly;

No, the use of the tool is for your benefit and does not imply any obligation to buy. Our aim is to help you identify the best origin for your shrimps, regardless of where you decide to buy them.

Our information is based on comprehensive analysis of the global market, including trends, quality, sustainability and pricing, from reliable sources and market updates.

We regularly update our configurator database with the latest market information, ensuring that our recommendations are accurate and up to date.

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