13 Apr 2020

ChinaTip #0136

Vannamei Prices in the South continue to rise, while the north falls slightly

From the end of March to the beginning of April, the volume of vannamei in Shandong and Hebei continued to increase. The high price of shrimp this week has been lowered, but the overall price is still not cheap, 30 pieces are 70 yuan/kg, 40 pieces is 60 yuan/kg.

It is estimated that in ten days, Rudong vannamei will be available one after another. However, judging from the regularity of previous years, it will not quickly form a strong impact on the market. After the May 1 holiday, the volume of Rudong vannamei will be bigger. Then vannamei prices are expected to decline the whole country.

Prices in Zhangzhou and Chaoshan have risen a bit more than last week, with 40/50 pieces rising by RMB 6 yuan per kg.

At the end of March and early April, the weather was changeable and there were many sick vannamei which lead to the winter vannamei size quite different, this affected the market to a certain extent. After a wave of shocks, the price of shrimp in Jiangmen and Zhuhai places raised, 30 pieces 66 yuan per kg, 40 pieces 54 yuan per kg, and some buyers will also raise the price a bit in order to grab a good supply.

The price of vannamei in the Beihai and Zhanjiang has also risen sharply this week, with an average increase of 4-6 yuan/kg. When the backlog of vannamei in the country is serious, the Zhanjiang and Beihai are the most severe, and the price is also the lowest. After the epidemic situation continued to improve, the prices of shrimp in other places continued to rise. Zhanjiang and Beihai were farther away from the main consumption and the price increase slowly. In the past two weeks, the price has continued to rise. The gap with Fujian and Zhuhai area is narrowing.

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