Shrimps accounted for half of the 331 tons of imported products rejected in May.

Lily - Senior Analyst
Lily - Senior Analyst
23 Juin 2022
Vannamei Tip
# 12

In May 2022, there were 23 batches of frozen products that were not allowed to enter China, totaling about 331 tons. The products involved included two categories: frozen aquatic products and frozen meat, accounting for 64% and 36% respectively.

Frozen shrimp products accounted for half of the frozen products that were not allowed to enter the country.

Specifically, a total of 164.71 tons of shrimp products were returned, including three types of shrimp products: vannamei shrimp, Spot prawn, and black tiger shrimp. Among them, vannamei shrimp accounted for the highest proportion (about 70%), with a total of 6 batches and a total weight of 114.59 tons.

Vannamei shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) is a common item on the monthly non-entry frozen product list, and the number of rejections has always been the highest among frozen shrimp products, because vannamei shrimp is the largest imported shrimp product. Surprisingly, all the vannamei shrimp in this month’s list came from Vietnam (5 batches, 114 tons) and Iran (1 batch, 0.54 tons). As the largest supplier of imported vannamei shrimp to China, Ecuador « protected » its vannamei shrimp products exported to China very well and there is not any cargo rejected.

With the rejected Iranian vannamei, the problem lies in the declaration documents, while the vannamei from Vietnam has more problems, including « detection of animal diseases », « excessive use of food additives phosphoric acid and phosphate » and « Oxytetracycline exceeding the standard. »


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