27 May 2022

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China’s April imports of frozen shrimp drop to lowest level in six months.

China’s April imports of frozen vannamei shrimp fell to the lowest level in six months, the latest data from Chinese customs showed, as lockdowns in Shanghai and parts of the country hit demand.

China imported 50,000 tons of frozen vannamei shrimp in April, down 18 percent from March and the lowest level since it imported 45,000 tons in September last year. The value of imports in April fell 16% month-on-month to $326 million, but was still higher than in February due to higher prices. The average unit value of imports was $6.56 per kilogram, an increase of 19% compared to March 2021.

Two of China’s largest suppliers, Ecuador and India, both had businesses in April that were subject to emergency precautionary measures due to COVID-19 positives. That could result in Chinese imports from Ecuador falling 28% from March to 32,000 tones, while imports from India fell 30% month-on-month to 5,400 tons, the data showed.

However, imports from Vietnam and Thailand both increased month-on-month, up 225% and 23% from March to 5,400 tons and 1,100 tons, respectively. China also imported 1,500 tons of shrimp from Saudi Arabia, up 339% from March.

Imports for the first four months of 2022 remained overall higher than the same period last year, up 26% and 51% year-on-year to 224,000 tons and $1.45 billion.

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China’s April imports of frozen shrimp drop to lowest level in six months.

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