09 Mar 2022

ChinaTip #0706

The epidemic has caused major Chinese ports to stop importing Russian fish again.

According to media reports, large Chinese ports will once again suspend the reception of Russian fish products. Russian media reported that if this happens, Russian companies may ship some products by rail.

According to reports, Russian companies received a notice from China that Dalian Port will suspend unloading from March 6 due to epidemic prevention measures.

The Russian Federal Agency for Fisheries pointed out that the suspension of unloading at Dalian Port not only involves Russia, but this measure also involves products from other countries, and is not aimed at Russian fish exports to China.

In addition, the unloading of Russian fish products at Qingdao port was also difficult, and only two of the five Russian vessels that arrived at the port successfully unloaded.

The report quoted information from the Russian Food Industry Organization Association as saying that if Chinese ports are closed, some fish exported to China will be shipped in railway refrigerated containers, and some will be sold domestically. However, the article pointed out that when the Chinese market closed in 2020, Russian companies had diverted some products to the EU and the United States, and now they cannot do so.

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The epidemic has caused major Chinese ports to stop importing Russian fish again.

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Lily - Senior Analyst

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